STAMP Dance Workshops

STAMP dance Teacher Workshops

Are devised for

  • Teachers in multicultural education.
  • Students in multicultural education.
  • Staff development and training
  • Teacher training and professional development

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STAMP dance teacher workshops aim to

  • Support the professional development of 1) general education teachers with little or no formal training in dance, to be able to teach dance in the multicultural classroom.2) dance specialists teachers in order to improve their understanding of the educational objectives of dance in the multicultural classroom.
  • Promote social cohesion in multicultural communities through creative collaboration between professionals dancers and musicians in theatre and multicultural schools.
  • Promote collaboration between multicultural education and professional theatre .
  • Promote creative collaboration between multicultural musicians and dancers.
  • Encourage education teachers to teach dance in a way which achieves social cohesion and educational aims.
  • Provide opportunities for culturally diverse teachers to dance together.
  • Promote dance as a tool for social cohesionand unity in diverse communities.

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