"Gratitude is only available alongside forgiveness, and forgiveness is only possible with understanding"
Linda Vargas


STAMP dance services include :

  1. Multicultural performances for children and professionals.
  2. Professional development workshops, for school teachers and dance specialist in a researched methodologyfor dance, which is developmental, educational, and inclusive.
  3. Social cohesion projects using dance and music in multicultural communities.
  4. Opportunities for performance and creative collaboration between multicultural dancers and musicians.
  5. On-line resources for teachers musicians and dancers.
  6. Bursaries for young performers to encourage excellence.


The Benefits of our services

  1. Social transformation and unity through multicultural dance and music.
  2. Collaborative, co-creative.
  3. Collaboration between dance specialist and school teachers in multicultural schools.
  4. Professional development.
  5. Identification and development of talented performers.
  6. Creative collaboration between schools and professional artists.
  7. Health and learning challenges in schools addressed, through dance.
  8. Transformation of stereotypical perceptions.